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We offer a wide range of barber services to help you look your best. Each and every cut is crafted to the client in the chair and their specific wants and needs.

Our custom cuts start around $35 per half hour and we offer additional options based on your desired look.


Custom Hair Cut

All cuts start with a consultation to better understand your hair type, face shape, style, and lifestyle. Each haircut is styled and finished with quality hair products and always includes a hot lather neck shave and eyebrow trim. If you prefer, a scissors-only technique is available where we use scissors and a comb as opposed to any clipper work to maintain length around the ears and on top.

Tailored Kids Cut

It’s never too soon to find your look or try a new style. From first haircuts to cool designs and styles, our barbers love helping your child find a look that makes them feel their best. So whether your child already has a look picked out or you’re not sure where to start, this custom cut is the perfect place to start. Our custom kids’ cuts include a clipper or scissor cut and style, so your child can leave the shop rocking their new look.

Beard Work

Whether you’re looking for round, square, or anything in between, our beard trims cater to those looking to maintain length, slim down their beard, or even those looking for that 5 o’clock shadow look. Facial hair is trimmed with either a straight razor or, if skin sensitivity is a challenge, we can use an electric edger or foil shaver. If you desire a straight razor edge lineup, make sure to select Crystal, Meriah, or Melissa as your barber.

Hot Towel
Two-Pass Shave

A tonsorial shave – whether it be head or face – starts with clipping hair down to stubble. The area is saturated with beard oil to create a slick shave while a hot towel softens the hair and skin. We apply hand-whipped shave cream to the area with a badger brush and remove hair and cream with a single straight edge razor blade.

The first pass shave is to remove most of the hair but the 2 pass shave is where the really soft and clean shave comes in. The 2nd pass makes the skin ultra-smooth and ready for an aftershave that helps prevent irritation and ingrown hairs as well as reduce razor burn, bumps, and breakouts. If you desire this wicked smooth straight razor shave, make sure to select Crystal, Meriah, or Melissa as your barber.

Wicked Razor Design

Looking for something more than your standard cut? A razor design is a great way to stand out and make an impression. Whether you’re looking for a clean fade or a creative design, this cut is perfect for those who are looking to take their hairstyle to the next level. A razor design consists of your barber using a straight razor edge to achieve those straight lines within your fade or design. Come prepared with a look or let our barbers help you find the right style for you and your hair type. Meriah is your barber of choice for this look.

Transcendent Color

At tonsorial, we offer a select number of color treatments. If you’re interested in having your hair colored, you’ll first need to schedule a consultation with one of our barbers so they can assess the current condition of your hair and chat with you about what you’d like to do. These services include foils for creating highlights, lowlights, or slice pieces with the possibility of applying more than one color. We provide camo color services where we blend in and camouflage gray hair with another color to create multiple levels. We also offer bleach out or platinum services for customers looking for a lift as well as all over color. We only offer a single application of one color for all-over colors. Only a select few barbers provide color services, and because of the need for prior consultation, online booking of color services is not available. Contact the shop or schedule a consultation for more information on this service.

Strikingly Smooth Wax

In addition to haircuts and shaves, we also offer waxing services for your eyebrows, nose, ears, and upper lip. Our eyebrow wax is performed by applying warm wax to the middle of the eyebrow and along the arch and top edges to shape and smooth the edges of your eyebrow. We also use a hot wax application for waxing your upper lip. If you’re interested in a nose we do this by applying a small wax ball into the nostril to remove unwanted hair.

If you’re looking for a great wax service, make sure to select Crystal, Meriah, or Melissa as your barber. Whether you’re looking to wax a brow or a nose, we’re happy to help you get the look you’re wanting.