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Our Story


adjective: ton·so·ri·al \tän-ˈsȯr-ē-əl\ [ ton-sawr-ee-uhl, -sohr- ]
of or relating to a barber or the work of a barber


World events have, over time, shaped Crystal’s views and community involvement. Examples are the polarized climate surrounding issues like Covid, gay rights, political discord, homelessness, and mental health concerns. At tonsorial, we are keenly aware of the need to respect the opinions of others but take sides where important. We stand firmly by equal rights and have developed a reputation for being a warm and welcoming environment for all races, sexualities, and gender identities.

As for the craft of barbering, we strive to give the highest level of service, to be personally interested in every client, and offer the highest quality retail products. Following an experience with tonsorial, any client should look and feel renewed, their best, and hopefully have reason to call tonsorial their barber home.

Meet the Barbers

Get to know us a bit better. Each of our barbers is highly qualified and an expert in their craft. Every barber will have their own sweet spot cut, but all are exceedingly skilled to handle any look you are seeking.

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