Decades of Style

Part old-school barbershop, part hip destination salon, tonsorial Barbershop at the Boxyard is unlike any other barbershop in Tulsa.

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Short Hair | Barbicide Certified | 2 Pass Shaves


Crystal McDaniel


An entrepreneur at heart Crystal opened her first shop with friends when she was just 22. Having started an apprenticeship in high school her youth and eagerness drove her to dream of more. Moving to Tulsa in 2017 her vision was to launch Tonsorial and the Boxyard had the perfect vibe and aesthetics.

She has such a love for people and being a barber is the perfect way to connect and engage with those she serves. With this career, she is able to help them feel their best by creating a very special and personal experience that makes them feel like they look their best. If you look good you feel good!

Crystal is committed to building the talent of her team and investing in their growth which means regular travel to barber shows and other events for training in the newest techniques and trends.

Come visit her and the crew at Tonsorial and experience what a barbershop should feel like! You’ll leave feeling like a million bucks.

Hometown | McAlester, OK
Tats | Sleeve and a half plus a few more
Specialties | Short, layered, textured haircuts, whether it be all scissor work or fades with tight clipper work. Beard shaping. Children’s short cuts.
Barbering Since | 1992

The Posse



A stylist and barber since 2011, Mariah’s career began in Cali followed by a move to Tulsa in the summer of 2017. She has found a home at Tonsorial and she loves any haircut that challengers her! She loves the art and craft of hair cutting and is always trying to find ways to get creative or improve a haircut. She finds barber’s conventions a great place to hone her skills and even take part in competitions.

Mariah continues to be creative even outside of work. When she’s not cutting hair you can find her on the dance floor or with her nose in her drawing pad. She LOVES collecting tattoos.

Hometown | California
Tats | 12 and definitely not done adding to her beloved collection
Specialties | Skin fades, tapers, creative textured cuts, and beard shaping.
Barbering Since | 2011



A stylist and barber since 2016 Melissa took to the craft like a pro! Committed to the mindset and culture that is Tonsorial, she is focused on bringing her A game to each and every person who sits in her chair. Whether you come in for the 2 pass shave, or a trendy look you’ve seen that you want - her thoroughness and commitment to quality will leave you knowing there is no other shop in town for you.

Hometown | Tulsa, OK
Tats | 5
Specialties | Beard Trims, 2-Pass Shaves, Bald Fades, High & Tights, Trending Haircuts
Barbering Since | 2016



A stylist since 2018, Jesse is proud to be a part of the Tonsorial posse. Originally from Guatemala City, Jesse enjoys the challenges and opportunities of working with the wide diversity, unique cultures, and cutting edge styles that Tonsorial is known for.

Jesse's number one goal is to meet every clients' hair needs. Whether is it a custom fade cut, beard trim or shave, he loves helping each client have confidence and stand tall with the fashion style statement they are looking for.

As the latest member of the tribe, he stays on the cutting edge by being a constant student of the industry. Jesse's skills, character, and passion blend perfectly to serve the Tonsorial clients.

Hometown | Born in Guatemala City, but has been in Tulsa for 20yrs
Tats | 2 and adding more soon
Specialties | Skin fades, taper fades, scissor cuts, hair styling, beard shaping, straight razor work
Barbering Since | 2018



A stylist and barber since 2009, Shelby is excited to be joining the crew at Tonsorial. Shelby is originally from Ponca City, Oklahoma and moved over to Tulsa in August 2020. She started her career at Tonsorial in October, shortly after she moved here in August.

Shelby enjoys working with and getting to know the many different people she gives fresh cuts to that Tonsorial is known for.

As the newest member to the crew, she strives to stay on top of her game the cutting edge by constantly being ready learn new ways to grow and be the best she can be. Shelby's personality, and passion blend perfectly to serve each client she works with.

Hometown | Ponca City, Oklahoma
Tats | Currently at 7 and counting
Specialties | Shaping beards, high and tight fades, pompadours, all over scissor cuts, textured cuts and flat tops
Barbering Since | 2009

We're Hiring

We are looking for professional and experienced Hair Stylists and Barbers to join our posse! If you are passionate about short hair and beard-work, have strong client service skills, are reliable, funky, and fun - then we are looking for you!